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Enjoy Long Range Pageback alarms and starters

When you have to park a considerable distance away from your home, you want to be sure that your remote start or alarm is still going to function properly. Phase Four has tons of top-notch systems available that are sure to work every time.

Explore our products:

  •   Marksman remote car starters

  •   Standard remote starters

  •   Combination remote starter / auto security systems

  •   One button remote car starters

  •   Code alarm remote starters

  •   Long alarm range page back remote starter systems

  •   Car Link

  •   AstroStart RS-721

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If you are interested in having a new alarm system installed, call and speak to one of our friendly professionals about how you can save $10. Limitations and restritions do apply.

Most of the services that we do can be done in less than one hour.

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