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Get a keyless entry installed fast

Stop fumbling around with your keys and locks in the dark, or with your hands full. Our professional staff has a wide range of keyless entry systems available so you can enjoy the easiness of just pushing a button. Be in and on your way with our fast services.

Choose your ideal system:

  •   CA6552 - features (1) two-way LCD long range command confirming metal transmitter and (1)

       one-way 433MHz 4-button metal remote control.

  •   CA2051 - features on board lock / unlock parking light flash confirmation relay,

       trunk release, illuminated entry and more!

  •   CA1151 - two 1-way 433MHz 4-button metal remote controls, dual stage magnetic shock sensor,

       real panic sound horn output, on board relay for flashing parking lights, on board door lock

      and unlock relays, 1 Auxiliary outputs and up to $2,500 theft protection GUARANTEE.

  •   CA1552 - two-way LCD display command confirming metal transmitter vehicle security and

       keyless entry system which runs on a 433MHz spectrum. (5) auxiliary outputs, 2 car mode,

       alarm clock, glass mount antenna with built-in blue LED light, valet switch.

  •   CA1051 - entry level vehicle security and keyless entry system. Comes with two 1-way

      433MHz 4-button remote controls and features on board dual stage shock sensor, 125dB siren

      and more.

  •   CA6551SST - works off a 900MHz spread spectrum giving you a range of up to 1 mile away.

      Two-way LCD display.

Do you have small children, pets, or do you live on a busy street? Know exactly what is behind you before you back up with a back-up system sensor and camera.

• Remote Starters - installation - including Astro Start

  remote car starters

• Alarm Systems - installation - including Marksman

  auto security systems

• Heated seats installation for cars, trucks, vans, and


• Rostra 250-1223 Universal Aftermarket Automotive

  Cruise Control

• Multimedia / navigation systems - 9700 Series

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You don't want to be without your vehicle for too long while you are getting a simple alarm or keyless entry installed. Most of the services you get from us will be done in one hour or less.

When you want quality work, trust in over 35 years of experience.

Our friendly staff is standing by ready to assist you.


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